Saturday, April 4, 2015

Water in My Paint


I first discovered Deidre Wicks, the artist behind Water in my Paint at Toronto's One of a Kind Show. I was walking quickly down the aisle to return to my booth and I stopped right in my tracks. The watercolour prints of personified creatures were enchanting and delightful. As a knitter, I also appreciated how she chose to feature one of my favourite fibre producing animals, the llama. I bought a print of a llama donning red heart framed sunglasses. It hangs behind my desk at LadeeBee and makes me smile every time I see it. Apparently, I am not alone. Deidre and her artwork were featured in a Toronto Star article yesterday. She explains in the article  that the llama wearing sunglasses is her most popular print. When LadeeBee expanded to both floors at 3079B Dundas Street West I decided to carry her cards and prints so my customers could enjoy them too!