Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Small + Mighty

LadeeBee is a small bricks and mortar and online shop. I am always looking for ways to grow and grow. I have some things in the works behind the scenes that will hopefully propel the shop forward into more of what I envision it to be. I am so appreciative of the support I have received so far from local shoppers and online customers and the mentorship of other entrepreneurs and women familiar with the yarn and craft industry. It is a pleasure to help people choose the material, discover something new or to give them ideas of where to turn for their next project. I feel the thrill of the find right along with you!

I wanted to write something in this blog entry that would help me to remember to be grateful for the unique opportunities that made opening this little shop a reality. I attended a Downtown Knit Collective meeting this evening. The speaker was Robin Hunter, a local independent knitwear designer, and she spoke on the topic of how to become a professional knitter. She was discussing the path I had chosen, in a sense. Not that I am a designer, but I am a person who has chosen to work for herself and to follow her own path. She talked about how much she loved what she was doing and it reminded me of how much I absolutely love what I do. Today I am going to remember where I came from, where I am and where I am going. This journey is my pleasure.