Friday, March 8, 2013

Great Dye Job

This week its been all about painting yarn and fibre. I had a good run on needle felting wool and quickly ran out at the shop so I busted out the crock pot and all the bottles of dye and got to work. I also gave a cone of  95% wool 5% mohair boucle yarn a makeover. It turned into 9 generous skeins of painted yarny goodness.

95% wool 5% mohair yarn from a cone. Skeined into 9 separate skeins on my niddy noddy.
Painted yarn

Steaming in the crock pot to set the dye.
Voila! Freshly painted skeins ready for knitting, crocheting, or weaving into something fabulous. 

One once balls of dyed wool for needle felting. 

This skein was brought back from Spain and given to me as a gift. I have dyed it in "wheat" and I plan to knit a beaded lace shawl.