Friday, February 8, 2013

Snowstorm Central

All day long I could see snowflakes swirling in the sky and I felt as though I was in one giant snow globe. It was a quiet day at LadeeBee even though I urged you to take a snow day and come and knit at my table. I broke out the sewing machine and got to work on a tote bag project (I'll post some pics tomorrow). But, take a look at the beginning of the biggest storm to hit our area in 5 years.
A pedestrian takes his life into his own hands crossing Dundas Street West.

I wondered how long before my upstairs neighbour's sign  would be buried beneath the snow.

Looking west on Dundas West from Quebec Ave.

Looking down Quebec Ave from Dundas West
That was our little corner in the late morning. I'll show you what I was doing inside all day in tomorrow's post. Stay safe, stay warm. xoxo LadeeBee